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Last modified:
JUL 15 2024
ApTeC Electronics 
PO BOX 101,
El Segundo CA  
90245-0101 USA   
 We are closed most Fridays   
Electronic mail : General Information: stu@aptecelectronics.com         Webmaster: stu@aptecelectronics.com

CAGE code 4K3T8   


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CAGE code 4K3T8 

Return Policy:

 Canadian and USA Domestic sales: All new and most used items carry a full 7 day ROR (Right Of Return) for any reason and a 14 day guarantee, less shipping charges and most items are subject to a 15% restocking fee if returned. All seals must be intact for a return and an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number is required. All wholesale discounted items may be subject to a 25% restocking fee.  Emailto:stu@aptecelectronics.com or call 310-640-7262 for an RMA number and discuss restocking fees. 
Some used items and those that are sold for parts are usually offered drastically discounted - are sold AS-IS - and are not returnable for any reason. Shipping charges (and CA sales tax if applicable) will be added to the sale price.
Non Domestic sales: All sales outside of the USA and Canada are final. No returns are permitted for any foreign sales unless otherwise approved by Aptec in advance.

Surplus parts statement

Buy now on line: new surplus inventory of components ALL in stock for immediate delivery. Unless otherwise specified all parts are surplus from various sources. We cannot provide manufacturer's certification or traceability although the parts may carry the original manufacturers name, date or lot code. We cannot certify these parts are lead free or  ROHS compliant. All parts are subject to prior sale. That said, most are in the original sealed packages.  

Shipping policy: 

Orders are processed as soon as possible and the vast majority of stock items are sent within 24 - 48 hours of the order. We stock 99% of our web site advertised products locally. Most domestic (USA)  small orders are sent via USPS Priority Mail. Larger items are sent via common carriers such as Fed Ex.
Domestic shipping fees are based on actual cost plus a small packaging cost to cover labor and materials. Most small domestic items are shipped USPS Priority Mail at a flat rate of $13 plus $2 for each additional item in the same package. All shipping fees are added to the cost of the item, and payment for shipping is due before shipment is completed. A buyer may request almost any choice of shipper, and under some circumstances with prior approval we will ship on the customers shipper account number. All orders are shipped FOB our dock unless otherwise negotiated. Lost or damaged in transit goods shall be paid for by the purchaser. Insurance is optional and must be clearly specified in writing with the order prior to shipment.

Export policy: 

Certain commodities may be controlled by the US Government for export purposes. They may not be exported or re-exported without first consulting with the relevant US Export Administration Regulations or International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and obtaining the proper USG approvals. They may not be used in the design, development or use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missiles. For further information please contact Aptec Electronics. If you or a third party acting on your behalf (such as a freight forwarder) subsequently sends all or any portion of your order outside the United States of America you assume the responsibility for complying with all export and other applicable laws. If any part of your order is prohibited under applicable way from being shipped outside the United States, you agree not to ship that portion of your order outside the United States. With respect to any  portion of your order that is subsequently shipped to an address outside of the United States you will not list Aptec Electronics as the exporter of record and will cause any third parties acting on your behalf (such as a freight forwarder) not to list Aptec Electronics as the exporter of record. You agree to indemnify Aptec Electronics and hold it harmless against all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, deficiencies, costs and expenses, including without limitation, attorneys' fees, costs and expenses of investigation, incurred by Aptec Electronics and relating to or arising out of your breach or violation of the preceding provisions.       


Payment policy: 

Aptec Electronics accepts only US currency.  Purchase Orders (pre-approved), Wire Transfer, and PayPal. We do not accept COD payment of any kind. Purchase Orders (PO) are allowed only from US government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies that are pre-authorized and verified. Aptec Electronics does not issue net-terms.

You must provide us with a working phone number in order for us to contact you to confirm your order and in case of problems with your order.

PRE-PAY with a Check: Pre-payment with cashier's check or money order is accepted. You can call and place the order, get an order number and order confirmation for the total amount of your order. Then get a cashier's check or money order from your bank for the exact amount and mail  (or send via Fed Ex on our account) the check to us. We'll ship your products within 1-2 business days after the check or money order is received. Your order will be cancelled if we do not receive your payment in 10 business days. Company Checks are conditionally accepted. Customers must contact our accounting / credit department to to check if they are qualified for this payment method. Although company checks are conditionally accepted, items will not be shipped until checks are cleared by the bank.

PURCHASE ORDER (PO): For Fortune 1000 corporate accounts and government agencies where Purchase Orders are required, you must complete the following processes: (1) Mail (no fax is accepted for this purpose) Aptec Electronics a letter on your letterhead to formally request us to accept your purchase orders;  (2) Once verified and authorized, mail or fax a formal purchase order to us.

WIRE TRANSFER: We accept wire-transfer from anywhere. After you place your order, details about the wire-transfer process will be e-mailed to you.  A $45 bank fee will be added to your total in most instances. You must place the order first before calling for the transfer information. The total transferred must include shipping cost. Delay in shipping your order may occur if the wire-transfer amount received is different from the order total amount. Wire-transfer may take 1-3 business days to confirm. It must be confirmed by our bank before shipping can take place. 

PAYPAL: We now accept Paypal payment.

Choose "Paypal" as payment method at checkout. Products will be shipped promptly only after the fund transfer has been confirmed by PayPal.com and the shipping address is for Paypal confirmed address. If your shipping address is different from what's registered with PayPal, your order will be delayed for order verification.

For orders over $200 we require that the Paypal address be confirmed with Paypal. If an order is placed for over $200 on an unconfirmed Paypal account we will reject the order or require a different form of payment. This is to protect you and the general public against fraud.

If you don't yet have a PayPal account, you may visit www.paypal.com to open an account. The process of obtaining one and getting the money transferred may take 2-6 business days, which may significantly delay your order.

The products shipped remain the property of Aptec Electronics until paid in full.  Any legal expense toward collecting bad debts are buyer's responsibility. 


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Address: PO BOX 101, El Segundo CA 90245-0101   
  Telephone: 310-640-7262       
CAGE code 4K3T8
Electronic mail : General Information: stu@aptecelectronics.com        
    Webmaster: stu@aptecelectronics.com